My Convention Sketchbook 2003-2013 #13 Eddie Campbell

I’m looking forward to the upcoming Bacchus: Two Volume Omnibus from Top Shelf Productions.  I’ve enjoyed some of the individual issues in the past, but they can be hard to track down, now.  Top Shelf’s website isn’t listing a release date, yet, so probably late 2014 or sometime in 2015.  Eddie Campbell has established himself as a legend with works like From Hell, and the aforementioned Bacchus, not to mention also being a successful self-publisher in the mid-90’s to early 2000’s.  So, obviously I was honored when he sketched his alter-ego, Alec, for me in my sketchbook back in 2004.  I also noticed him taking the time, while standing at Top Shelf’s booth at SDCC,  to look at a young artist’s portfolio, and gave him a considerable amount of feedback.  I thought that was really cool of Mr. Campbell to do!


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