My Convention Sketchbook 2003-2013 #16 Colleen Doran

I feel really bad about this one.  This is going to be cathartic to write about, so please bear with me. I was a total tool to this artist.  This is another sketch from San Diego Comic Con back in 2004.  That convention I got more sketches in my sketchbook than any other comics convention I’ve ever been to, and I think I went bat shit bonkers in the process!  Colleen Doran is the trailblazing creator of the indy comic A Distant Soil, which broke new ground for it’s fusion of science-fiction/fantasy/new age themes, it’s portrayal of openly gay characters, and just the fact that the comic was written, and drawn by a woman, which was unprecedented back in the early 80’s.

So, back to me being an asshole.  I saw her starting to walk away from where her booth was, obviously in a hurry to get someplace, and what did I do?  Did I stand down? Did I call off the guards and let her pass?? NO!  Like a total jerk off, I blocked her path, and stuck my silly sketchbook in her face.  She looked visibly perturbed and said, “Sorry, I really don’t have the time right now…”. So, then I raised the ante and made things worse by meekly replying with a, “…I’m fine with just a quick convention sketch……”; at least 3 long seconds of awkward silence transpired, followed by a firm, “Fine”.  Colleen Doran then mercifully grabbed my sketchbook, and literally with one fell swoop motion of her arm, expertly applied this perfectly rendered image onto my sad, embarrassed parchment(that’s right, even my inanimate sketchbook was ashamed to be associated with me in that moment…).  I said thanks, and then she quickly left.  So, I’m using this little piece of cyber-territory on the intrawebs to share this art with the world, and to finally say to Colleen Doran, “Sorry for being a douche bag.”


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