My Convention Sketchbook 2003-2013 #19 Craig Thompson

Here’s another aquatic themed sketch for your viewing pleasure!  Chunky Rice, and his best bud, the deer mouse Dandel are riding a!  Craig Thompson drew this for me at the Top Shelf booth at San Diego Comic Con back in 2004.  I was a big fan of his debut graphic novel, Good-bye Chunky Rice, and I’m continually impressed by how he keeps tackling these big, long-form graphic novel projects that take many years of slaving away at the drawing board, and I’m sure ample amounts of illicit substances to produce!  He’s currently working on Space Dumplins, which is apparently a story about a space trotting girl, and her animal co-pilots.  You can follow the artist’s progress, and process notes on his blog.  He was super nice, and whipped out this beautiful ink drawing super fast!  I have so many more sketches to go, but I’d definitely put this one in my top 5(…for those keeping score at home)!


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