My Convention Sketchbook 2003-2013 #24 Ryan Claytor

Artist Ryan Claytor lives, breathes, and speaks comics. When he dreams, he actually dreams of himself reading a comic book about what he’s dreaming.  He often times wakes up screaming from pre-code EC night terrors in his cold sweat drenched Gasoline Alley pajamas.  If you go to his website, you’ll see that he actually reviews comics in comic strip format.  Ryan Claytor is a professor at Michigan State University, University of Michigan Flint, and MOTT Community College, where he teaches comics studio courses, and he’s won multiple awards for his self published work.

In addition to all of that, Prof. Claytor was also the organizer of the very first 24 Hour Comics Day back in 2004. The yearly event challenges comics creators to produce a complete(from concept to finished product) 24 page comic book/mini comic in 24 hours. He created his award winning mini-comic, Rock & Soul, on that day in 2004, and I was lucky enough to meet him at San Diego Comic Con a couple of months after that. I picked up some of his mini comics, like the aforementioned Rock & Soul, and his autobiographical comic called And Then One Day.  This neat, cheery sketch he did for me perfectly represents how cool, and friendly he was.



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