My Convention Sketchbook 2003-2013 #27 Graham Annable

Graham Annable is a cartoonist, animator, and all around great storyteller.  The Book of Grickle from Dark Horse collects the best of his Grickle series of comics.  His comics flow off the page like an Oscar caliber animated short.  Annable deftly conveys the human condition in his strips while keeping a spartan like approach to his drawing style.  You can catch little goodies on his twitter page, like his recent Hourly Comics Day strip on Feb. 1st, where he illustrates the events in his life that day, hour by hour.  Think 24 meets Family Ties in a New Yorker cartoon, and you’ll have a pretty good idea of it.  Mr. Annable drew one of my favorite sketches in my sketchbook, and I believe that this is my last sketch from SDCC in 2004, but I’ll edit that statement out later if I’m mistaken.  You can find many brilliant animated shorts at “The Grickle Channel” here.  I posted one of my favorites down below.  Cheers!


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