My Convention Sketchbook 2003-2013 #28 Tom Neely

Artist Tom Neely drew me this insecure doodle of a dandy in my sketchbook at SDCC in 2004.  Combining a classic cartooning style with a dark, edgy flair reminiscent of underground artist Greg Irons, Neely has left an indelible mark on the Los Angeles small press scene.  Probably the most popular of his works is the comic zine called Henry & Glenn Forever, which is currently up to issue #4.  This satirical book is designed, edited, written and drawn by Tom Neely, and a bunch of his cartoonist friends.  As a consequence of this venture, Mr. Neely has had to hire two security guards to accompany him to conventions, so he won’t get his ass kicked by the Henry & Glenn Army.

Besides the Henry & Glenn project, you can also check out some of Tom Neely’s work in IDW’s Popeye #2-4(..a shame he wasn’t kept on for more issues…really excellent work in those), and his beautifully rendered, surreal, horror masterpiece, The Wolf.



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