My Convention Sketchbook 2003-2013 #31 Keith Giffen

Here’s a nice head sketch of one of my favorite comic book characters from my childhood, The Blue Beetle by comics legend Keith Giffen. He happened to be tabling at the Los Angeles Comic Book & Science Fiction Convention, and was kind enough to contribute to my sketchbook. I think this was in 2005.

I remember standing in a long line outside of Land of Oohs and Ahs comics shop back in 1987 to buy my copy of Justice League #1 the day it came out. That series read like an episode of Seinfeld mixed with classic, colorful super-hero action, which was a refreshing departure from the trend to go edgy & dark at the time.  Keith Giffen was co-writer/artist on that series, which starred Blue Beetle amongst other classic DC characters. Giffen has done a ton of great work on other comics, like his classic long run on Legion of Super Heroes, and he’s been one of the most influential, key architects of the modern super-hero comics scene.


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