My Convention Sketchbook 2003-2013 #32 & #33 Tim Vigil & Jon Vin-gil…?

So, I’m definitely going to HELL, because you know what I did back in 1987??  I actually made my Mother walk into my LCS, The Land of Ohhs and Ahs in Fountain Valley, CA, and buy my depraved, demented 13 year old self a copy of Faust #1 by the great Timothy B. Vigil !  That’s right.  I was drooling over the gorgeous, bloodied cross-hatching, and detailed ink work displayed in that comic, AND I would stop at nothing to get it !  But, that’s OK, because at least I’ll be able to hang out with a super talented artist in H-E-double hockey sticks since it’s obvious that Mr. Vigil will be joining me there based off his work alone.


So, to have Tim Vigil contribute his deviant pen to my sketchbook at Wizard World L.A. back in 2005, I was unsurprisingly pleased!  I did pay a humble sum for this sketch.  I just told him to have fun, and draw what he was feeling in the moment, but…as AMAZING as this drawing is, I was left feeling…dissatisfied for some reason.  “What was missing??”  I asked myself. “ummmm….let’s see….tits…?” DING DING DING!!  Of course!  This Vigil masterpiece was missing tits, and the joyous wonders that are his bleeding, oozing sexual organs!!  Why, Tim?  WHY??  Why did you decide to deprive that sad 13 year old boy his Rated X comics fantasy of fantasies?? …well, maybe there were too many young people walking around the convention floor, or maybe I just needed to slip Mr. Vigil an extra “hundy” for that kind of action.  I don’t know.

So, seeing all of the sadness welling up in my eyes(and probably just to get me to shut up and stop crying), my good friend Jon Vinson found it in his heart to channel the demonic powers of VIGIL, and drew me this amazing demoness Azteca!  Thank you, Jon!  The tits have arrived, and now I’m complete.


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