My Convention Sketchbook 2003-2013 #36 Jordan Crane Part 2

I remember seeing a panel at the 2005 Alternative Press Expo(APE) called The State of the Graphic Novel where Jordan Crane had a moment where he went absolutely APE-shit.  I couldn’t tell you what he said now 9 years later, but I can tell you that Mr. Crane cares, and he’s passionate about the medium.  That is a good thing, and the world, or more specifically, the comics world would be a much better place if more people were as passionate about what they do as Jordan Crane is.


It was one of the best panels I’ve ever seen at a convention.  It was monitored by Fantagraphics’ Eric Reynolds(The Land of Ohhs and Ahs alum, also) and it included Lauren Weinstein, James Sturm, Seth, Adrian Tomine, and Jordan Crane.  That’s a comics dream team there.  I remember they discussed their thoughts on how a “graphic novel” should be defined, and what the public’s perceptions of it were as a mode of storytelling, and entertainment.  I believe Jordan Crane was getting worked up over the notion that there should be any set structure, or limitations to graphic storytelling as a medium.

Today, with the further emergence of web/digital comics, crowd funding, and increased interest from Hollywood, I think a 2015 “ten years later” revival of The State of the Graphic Novel panel is very much in order!  Jordan Crane, your thoughts?


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