My Convention Sketchbook 2003-2013 #37 Paul Hornschemeier

Unfortunately, the anti bullying campaign came too late for this guy.  In the late 70’s a kid on my block hung himself, or that’s how the story goes.  I was a little too young back then to be aware of such things.  That story resonated with me, though.  Every time I’d watch an older horror movie like The Shining, or Halloween, I’d think of that kid, and wonder what kind of stuff he was watching back then.

Paul Hornschemeier is a talented cartoonist who lives in Belmont, Massachusetts, and he has a lot of nice eye-candy to check out on his website, including his latest print venture, Bygone Stories & Such #1.  He was some how able to tap into my Id when I visited his table at APE 2005, and render it in glorious blue line pencil & black ink.  Thanks!


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