My Convention Sketchbook 2003-2013 #38 Some guy named…Daniel Clowes…

Now, I’m not terribly picky about who draws in my sketchbook, but there was this one guy at APE 2005 that just wouldn’t leave me alone, and he wouldn’t stop begging me to let him draw in my sketchbook…It got to be really pathetic, he was down on his knees, tugging at my pant leg, crying, and even offering me all kinds of special favors just for the opportunity to doodle.  I had security remove him, but he somehow got back onto the convention floor.  Nobody knew who this guy was.  He just kept drooling, and rubbing his magic eightball, while his eyes followed me like a deranged hawk!  So, I eventually gave in, and let him do his thing.  Here’s the final product.  Not bad for an insane person.


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