My Convention Sketchbook 2003-2013 #40 Seth

Beautifully drawn in clean brush strokes of India Ink, and blue colored pencil highlights, Seth was nice enough to contribute this illustration to my sketchbook at APE 2005.  He is simply Seth, a character ripped from the pages of some 1920s New Yorker cartoon.  His anthology, Pallookaville, is now up to Volume 21.  It used to be a comic book, but now has switched to a less frequent, larger hardcover book format.


It was interesting, and slightly uncomfortable to hear him talk about how fellow cartoonist Johnny Ryan poked fun at him in his own comic,  Angry Youth Comix.  He seemed genuinely affected by this incident, although I don’t think that the percieved “attack” by Johnny Ryan was really personal.  Commenting on pop culture, or in this case “indy comics culture” was just what Johnny Ryan did.  I’m sure Seth is over it by now, but it just goes to show that the Small Press scene can be kind of like high school sometimes.

I wish there were more cartoonists clashing with each other.  Convention floor brawls would bring the sort of rivalry you see in radio, and could really bolster sales!  I’d like to see a Jason vs. Anders Nilsen minimalist death-match!

Palookaville was one of the first “indy” comics that I read back in the early ’90s, and it really opened my mind to how limitless the comics medium could be for telling different kinds of stories.

Here’s a nice short documentary about Seth.  There are some obvious similarities to the film Crumb, but it’s an interesting profile of one of the great modern masters of cartooning.

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