My Convention Sketchbook 2003-2013 #45 Adrian Tomine Part 2

Josh at Superior Comics in Costa Mesa, CA turned me onto Adrian Tomine’s Optic Nerve back in ’97 or ’98.  I picked up the last mini-comic issue of Optic Nerve at that shop.  The rest of them(published from 1991-1995) are nearly impossible to find.  I remember how amazed I was when Josh showed me the original Adrian Tomine art he bought.  He scored the original first version of the cover art for Optic Nerve #1(Drawn & Quarterly).  I guess that Tomine decided to redraw it, because he wasn’t satisfied with the placement of the two characters kissing, but I thought it looked great.  I hope Josh held onto that piece.  I’m sure in today’s market it could be a nice down payment on a new car, or go towards his kid’s college fund.  Superior Comics has been closed for well over 10 years now, but I have many fond memories of hanging out there in between flower deliveries, and talking comics with Josh, Scarlett, and James.  The oldest comic book I own, an issue of Simon & Kirby’s original Black Magic run, was bought there.


Well, this nice little self-cartoon by Adrian Tomine, drawn at APE 2005, really took me down memory lane, for some reason.  You can find Mr. Tomine’s other illustration work, and all of his latest books/comics at his website here.  Let’s also enjoy a couple of awesome New Yorker covers by Adrian Tomine while we’re at it!

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