My Convention Sketchbook 2003-2013 #49: Matt Kindt

Matt Kindt is a master visual storyteller.  Back in 2005, when he drew this classic noir piece for me, he was promoting his indy graphic novel 2 Sisters.  Today, Matt Kindt is one of the top mainstream writers in comics, as well as having his own “Dark Horse Originals” title, Mind MGMT, that he both writes, and draws.  Kindt’s distinct style, attention to the little details(like the aged paper/cyan comic guidelines of Mind MGMT), and his friendly disposition surely all led to his current success.  Coming out on April 23rd is the special “silent” issue of Mind MGMT #21(…hmmm, something about that number…..), and I expect Mr. Kindt will make it a memorable mind f#ck for all!


American Library Association interviews Matt Kindt