My Convention Sketchbook 2003-2013 #61: James Sturm

I hate baseball. Well, what I mean is, I hate watching baseball, but I’m almost tempted to grab a bag of salted nuts, one of those long Dodger Dogs, and head on down to the ballpark after revisiting this amazing sketch by the great James Sturm! I think I pretty much annoyed the hell out of Mr. Sturm when I met him at SDCC 2006. I was probably dripping gallons of fanboy sweat onto him, and exhaling a day’s worth of Mrs. Fields cookies, and Auntie Anne’s giant pretzels into his face as I begged for whatever graphite offering I could get from him. Well, let me just say thank you, thank you, Mr. Sturm, for putting up with that, and drawing this character from your classic, award-winning graphic novel, The Golem’s Mighty Swing.

When he isn’t creating great comics, James Sturm is creating, and running institutions like The Center for Cartoon Studies that helps foster new talent to redefine, and expand the medium of graphic storytelling!


Tang Museum | Artist Profile: James Sturm from The Tang Museum on Vimeo.