My Convention Sketchbook 2003-2013 #62: Don Rosa

There was such a look of joy on Don Rosa’s face as he drew, with uncanny precision, this expressive Uncle Scrooge in my sketchbook at SDCC 2006. He was like a grown up kid who never had to put away his childhood toys, and get a serious “grown up” job. Mr. Rosa was as friendly and happy-go-lucky as you could imagine. Perhaps this was a side effect from spending so much of his alone time with a “Scrooge”. The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck is an epic funny book odyssey, and it was really the beginning of my branching out as a comics reader in the early 90’s.(…Eightball, and Palookaville would soon follow) I was a whore for beautifully detailed art, and Don Rosa seduced me into trying something a little different than the usual grown men running around in spandex fare. Thank you for saving me, Don Rosa!

Fantagraphics will be releasing a collection of Don Rosa’s earliest Duck stories called Walt Disney Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck: The Son of the Sun (The Don Rosa Library Vol. 1) My bookshelf will be eagerly awaiting it’s arrival!


 Don Rosa’s Studio Tour