My Convention Sketchbook 2003-2013 #73: Lisa Hanawalt

I’m looking forward to binge watching some Bojack Horseman on Netflix August 22! Lisa Hanawalt has certainly come a long way since she was slumming the back aisles of the small press section at SDCC in 2008. I remember she was selling a little green zine of comics, I assume at Buenaventura’s booth. I feel like those people who were into Nirvana before Smells Like Teen Spirit was released; “I was there, man! At the beginning! Before she sold out!” I still suspect that Lisa might be “zoo”, but that’s OK, because her talent, and artistic contribution to popular culture far outweighs any mental anguish an anonymous brown palomino may have suffered.


Lisa Hanawalt featurette by Royal Jelly

Lisa Hanawalt interviewed by Royal Jelly from John Orlow on Vimeo.