My Convention Sketchbook 2003-2013 #89 & #90: Miniatures from Ware & DeForge

Chris Ware was interviewed by Bookworm’s Michael Silverblatt at UCLA in 2013. I can’t remember much from it, other than some really long-winded, pretentious questions from the audience at the end, and just thinking to myself afterwards,“%#*$! He draws all that shit by hand!” You can read Ware’s latest strip, The Last Saturday, at The Guardian here.


Michael DeForge put on a great slide-show presentation for his Ant Colony signing at Skylight Books in Los Angeles. He talked a lot about his process, and some abandoned, “lost” projects. It was very interesting, but kind of painful to think about, since knowing DeForge, I’m sure a lot of that work was still very good. He had a great sense of humor, especially when I showed him my copy of his now infamous, out of print(forever?) Lose #1. You can see the results of that exchange here. You can now support Michael DeForge’s art, and receive some exclusive monthly comics through his “patreon program” starting at only 3 bucks a month!


*Consider this last sketch the dessert to my 2003-13 convention sketchbook series main course, since it was drawn in 2014.

So, that’s it! I finished sharing all of the sketches from my convention sketchbook. A decade’s worth, and I think, as it turned out, a pretty neat little time capsule of(mostly) the small press comics scene from 2003-2013.  Cheers!  …great…now I need to figure out some other good filler material for this site… 😉