My Convention Sketchbook 2003-2013 Origin Story

My first comics convention was San Diego Comic Con 2000, if my memory serves me right(or maybe it was 2001..) I was already well into my 20’s by that time, and I was kicking myself for all of the good times I’d missed out on. For instance, it would’ve been neat to have attended the very first APE(Alternative Press Expo) in 1994, or SPX(Small Press Expo) for that matter, but that one was a little far for me.  The convention experience has always been about discovery for me; discovery of a new, obscure comic and/or comics artist, and about the discovery of unimaginable treasures in some dusty, old dollar box!


My friend, and I almost shit ourselves when we saw a dealer selling a stack of Los Bros. Hernandez original black and white Love & Rockets #1 for 15 bucks each! That was maybe a few minutes after entering the convention floor(2000 or 2001, I believe..), and I spent over half of my dough to procure 2 copies for myself.  So, after blowing almost all of my money on the L & R’s rarities, I found myself  being a little envious of that one person with the special sketchbook, and how they got to connect with the artists, and more importantly to me at the time, how they got something really cool without paying a dime!  Many years later, I realized how lame it was to just bug a nice person for a sketch, when you can’t at least buy something from them, or offer a tip.


Just a of couple years later in the Fall of 2003 I’d receive my first convention sketch in my newly bought Strathmore 8.5″ x 11″ black hardcover sketchbook.  I was so excited. I just imagined all of the great artists I’d get to meet, and how honored they’d be to grace my sketchbook with their drawings!  Apparently, I only suffer from delusion when I can get something that I really want out of it.  Actually, the last 10+ years of meeting(harassing or stalking some might say…) artists has been an amazing, and dare I say, beautiful experience.  I will admit that there were times, especially early on, when I didn’t read the situation properly, and should’ve left people alone.  I’m sure that I’ve annoyed, and pissed off some of the artists along the way, and I do feel shitty about that, but those situations were few, and far between.

So, now over a decade later, I’ve decided to share my glorious artifact of comics art with all of you lucky bastards! Each day I will post one of the sketches(in chronological order), and share my memories, as twisted and distorted they might be, of my special, brief time with these, certainly special, artists.

Also, a very big THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all of the artists that did sketches for me, and put up with me staring at them over the years. I really do appreciate it!

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