Neato Variant Cover: Powerpuff Girls #6 by Mimi Yoon

This variant is now cancelled, because of many objections by people claiming that this cover sexualizes the Powerpuff Girls, who are supposed to be 7-12 range in age?  I’m just guessing on that, but it’s obvious by looking at the variant cover in question, that the girls are depicted as older, in their teens, and the art style is completely different than the usual Powerpuff Girl style, which is part of the appeal of the cover.  I think this is an overreaction, and a sad state of affairs when something as innocuous as this cover or anything with the slightest hint of sexuality is “censored” while parents tolerate their kids being exposed to so much disturbing, extreme violence on a regular basis.  Interestingly, this cover was drawn by a woman, and her name is Mimi Yoon.  Her artwork is awesome and you can see more of it here.


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