New Comics Hangover: Ant-Man #1

If you haven’t picked up Ant-Man #1 yet, stop what you’re doing, and sprint to the nearest comics purveyor to pick up a copy! Yes, it’s that good, and while you’re at it, ask your local comics shop to add it to your pull-list.


Nick Spencer shows again why he’s one of the best writers working in mainstream comics, today. In the first issue he gets readers up to date on who Scott Lang AKA Ant-Man is, including a summary of his recent bout with “Death”. Spencer takes us into Lang’s mind/point of view(Veronica Mars-style) for a fast-paced, humorous ride. He also does a great job of incorporating Ant-Man’s powers into the story, beyond just using them to thwart super-villains. There’s a very creative, and touching scene with an iPhone at the end of issue #1 where Scott Lang is spending some quality time with his daughter, Cassie(who also escaped the grave, recently..).

The art team of Ramon Rosanas & Jordan Boyd deliver strong, well executed visuals for the book, and Mark Brooks provides his usual quality painted art for the covers. I love the cover to #2, which depicts Ant-Man stuck in a  Miami, FL snow globe(Miami being his new place of residence at the end of issue #1). It would be nice to see a clean 100 issues of Ant-Man by this creative team, and maybe that would help improve the character’s reputation as being one of the sorriest excuses for a  super-hero. The classic Ant-Man SNL skit is cleverly “reffered to” in this issue, as well. So, let’s not allow this series to go the way of “Superior Foes of Spider-Man”, and let’s show Marvel that it’s time to keep Ant-Man in the regular rotation with all of the avenging-X-spider stuffs!


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