New Comics Hangover: iZombie revival & Long Beach Comic Expo notes

iZombie, the new CW show, premieres this Tuesday, March 17th at 9pm, and since I’m a Veronica Mars fan, I couldn’t be more excited! I must confess that I just started reading the original comic book(I just picked up the last couple issues I was missing), and I’m blown away by how good it is! I shouldn’t be so surprised, though, because I’ve enjoyed everything else I’ve read by Chris Roberson, including Sovereign, and The Mysterious Strangers. I do feel guilty for not reading iZombie at the time it was published. I love Mike Allred’s artwork, and even though Roberson was unknown to me at that time, no excuses! Alas, better late than never, and I’m excited to check out more of Chris Roberson’s work in the future.

iZombieIceCream_54ffcec220fb29.07090657       iZombie-mix

As I’m reading iZombie it’s kind of weird to think how perfect the story would be for a CW style TV show, knowing that so many changes have been made for the adaptation. Rob Thomas has stated that these changes didn’t mean that he didn’t like the original comic. It just had to do with making the kind of procedural/mystery solving show that he likes to make, and other outside factors. One of those factors being similarities to other shows like True Blood, which features a wide array of supernatural creatures – (i.e. werewolves, faeries, vampires, etc.), so they’ve decided to just focus on zombies for iZombie(at least for now…).

There is a special “second edition” of iZombie #1 available now at comics shops for only $1! Even if you’re not a comics fan(which would be unlikely since you’re here..) it’s worth checking out, and fun to see how the show compares to the comics.

So, I’ll be crossing my fingers, and hoping that this show enjoys a longer run than the short-lived Veronica Mars, and maybe, just maybe we can see more iZombie comics from Roberson & Allred in the future!(whether it’s in Gwen’s world, or Liv’s!)

iZombie-001b      veronica-mars-524ef557eeafd

2015 Long Beach Comic Expo notes

  • The folks over at Long Beach Comic Con & Comic Expo were kind enough to invite me to attend this year’s Long Beach Comic Expo at the Long Beach Convention Center on Sat & Sun, Feb. 28th & March 1st. Unfortunately, my visit ended up being a very short one(because of a schedule mix-up), but I thoroughly enjoyed the time I was there!
  • I entered the convention floor shortly after 9am, Saturday morning, and I was instantly star-struck when I found myself face to face with one of my comics idols, the incomparable Chris Claremont! I gave him a knowing wink, which hopefully didn’t creep him out too much. There was already a healthy sized line waiting to get his autograph. I grew up reading his X-Men run, and, in fact, he’s probably the one creator most responsible for my interest in comics. My parents would’ve slapped him, if they were there.


  • I’ve been to both Long Beach Comic Con & Expo before, and I’m really impressed how both shows have grown over the last few years. The caliber of creative talent, and the quality of programming keeps getting better, and better. Just as WonderCon has done with it’s new Anaheim show, Long Beach Comic Con/Expo has become a real viable, less-stressful alternative to SDCC.
  • I had a very entertaining chat with the folks over at The Devastator. They are always so friendly, and funny! I picked up a recent issue with a Michael DeForge cover. They put out a really unique, humorous “funny book” sort of ala Mad/National Lampoon, but with a modern twist by an eclectic group of contributors. Cats You Never Learned About in History Class was their latest big seller, I was told.
  • As I strolled artist’s alley, I spotted another Chris Roberson title I wanted to check out, Edison Rex. The artist on the book, Dennis Culver, was super nice, and seemed to be effortlessly laying down clean, finished line-work on bristol board as I spoke to him.
  • I cheated Marvel & DC by picking up a couple recent comics from vendors for less than cover! OUCH! They’re going to feel that later..
  • So, short, but sweet. It was a lot of fun. Thank you, LBComic Expo people! Looking forward to Long Beach Comic Con on September 12th & 13th, and then next year’s Expo on Feb. 20th & 21st.