New Comics Hangover: The 49th Key

The 49th Key debuted in Heavy Metal Magazine #273 this week, and after reading the first 12 page chapter, I have to say I’m thoroughly impressed. I read that the story was optioned for T.V., already by the star of Arrow/Torchwood, John Barrowman, so my inner Hollywood sycophant had to check it out!

HM273_cover           HM273_49th_Key

The story is based on the actual 16th century legend of Enochian magic, and cleverly introduces this lore to the reader, while opening up a new wrinkle(or doorway..) to a whole new fantasy world. The artwork is beautifully painted by artist J.K. Woodward, and the characters(who live in the present) are well fleshed out by scribe Erika Lewis. They seem like real people that you can relate to, which is a fresh change of pace from some other fantasy stories.

The 49th Key is a perfect excuse to pick up future issues of Heavy Metal, and perhaps I’ll stumble upon some other great stories along the way, as well.