Oh S#%T! Only 3 Days ’til X-Mas! Gift Suggestion: Battling Boy by Paul Pope

Battling Boy is the first book in a new interconnected series of graphic novels from Paul Pope, and is published by First Second. It’s about a kid who has to fill the shoes of his world’s greatest hero, the genius vigilante named Haggard West. I won’t spoil what happens to Mr. West, but you’re going to find out if you do any sort of search on it, so just buy the book, and be surprised! This would be a great gift for friends, young and old. Battling Boy was years in the making, and it does not disappoint! Paul Pope is one of the modern masters of graphic storytelling, and I’m excited to see where he takes us, the readers, as he expands his new universe in the coming years.

A spinoff of this book called The Rise Of Aurora West(co-written by Paul Pope) is scheduled for Fall 2014, and a sequel to Battling Boy is said to be released within a year after that.



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