Ritual 3: Vile Decay by Malachi Ward Release Party Recap

So, last night I went to the Ritual 3: Vile Decay release party at Secret Headquarters in Los Angeles. I bought some obscenely low priced original art from Malachi Ward, including the original front cover art of Ritual 2: The Reverie. I also got an awesome painted illustration, and a post-it piece that looked like a mini-me of the bigger painting, so I had to get it!


There were stacks, and stacks of binders full of original art at, or below Salvation Army Store prices. I sincerely hope that I wasn’t taking advantage of a desperate, delusional artist when I made those purchases, but I do appreciate the deals, AND all of the free beer! Secret Headquarters is a kick-ass comics shop, and they sure do know how to release a new funny book!


I just finished reading Ritual 3: Vile Decay, and I’m not going to lie, and say that I totally understood what was going on the whole time in the story, but as always, I enjoyed Ward’s artwork & overall graphic design. The fact that I didn’t totally “get it” after reading it isn’t a criticism. It just means either 1 of 2 things, either I’m too dense to grasp the narrative(which is a very real possibility!), OR what Malachi Ward is doing is challenging his readers with an unconventional, and allegorical type of story; sort of like making sense of dream fragments, and trying to piece them all together into something coherent. Yeah, I’ll go with that, because otherwise, I’m just admitting that I’m dumb.