Small Press Saturday: Insect Bath by Profanity Hill

I just finished reading this monstrosity, and I say “monstrosity” in the most flattering way possible.  This super random comic book caught my eye on the comics shelves this week.  The cover shows a giant centipede descending down behind pillars to a bathing girl.  Insect Bath, published by Profanity Hill, is a twisted modern underground horror comic anthology.  It’s guts are as visually enticing as it’s cover, and sometimes bile inducing depending on your appetite.  Shady characters of ill repute are responsible for this funny book from hell including: Sammy Harkham, Matthew Thurber, Jason T. Miles, Max Clotfelter, Juliacks, Zach Hazard Vaupen, Alex Delaney, Noel Freibert, Alex Degen(front cover), Scott Roller(back cover).


The stories inside were all fun, mostly in a f#%ked up way, but fun none the less!  I was aware of a few of the artist’s work, but one of my favorite strips was a 6 pager called “I Eat Mold For a Living” by Max Clotfelter, who’s work I’m new to, so I’ll have to go fishing for more goodies on his site.  As an aside, I’ll just mention my concern over Sammy Harkham’s mental state after reading his strip….the girl’s face in the final few panels was just disturbing.  It seemed to me like only somebody with certain “special” experience in that area would capture that scene in such a visceral way.  BUT, I’m a big fan of Sammy’s work, and he seems like a delight, so I’m sure he’s fine…maybe just needs to lay off the snuff film sites for awhile…


There’s a touching tribute comic inside by Publisher & Editor Jason T. Miles where he mentions the origins of this comic, and how it was originally supposed to be a collaboration between him, and his late friend, Dylan Williams.  Well, after reading Insect Bath I think it’s safe to say that Dylan would be very proud, indeed.  It was a welcome return of raw, underground style comix in the good ole’ fashioned floppy format, and I hope that Profanity Hill continues to curate/publish more sick & twisted comics for many years to come!



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