Street Angel Stocking Stuffers & friends!

Here’s some last second stocking stuffer suggestions for the small press sycophant in your life!


Street Angel X-mas Special – These are available exclusively through Copacetic Comics until Jan. 31st, when you order a copy of Jim Rugg’s Street Angel HC collection. A 2nd edition is coming soon printed on pink and purple pages from AdHouse Books, so this might be your last chance to pick up the few remaining copies of the original. Plus, the X-Mas Special is well worth buying an extra copy of the book, if you already have it.

By my count, it comes in at 25 pages of story, and it’s very funny/action-packed, as you’d expect from Street Angel! So, if you want to see Jesse tell Santa to shut-up while warding off the usual sword wielding goons, you might not want to sleep on this one, since it may not be available again, after the 31st.


*The pink paper on the above-left image is more representative of the actual page color..I guess I need to learn how to use PS, again…

The Middle Nowhere by Jordan Crane– This is some grade-A Jordan Crane sequential storytelling here. It clocks in at 16 pages with a lush green/light green silk screened cover. The action on the page tells the story to full effect, with no need for those pesky words(other than some well placed sound fx/emotes). This was made for the recent inaugural Comic Arts Los Angeles, and I understand that it’s a limited run(maybe, never to be reprinted). It might be too late to get one delivered in time for X-mas, but I do see that Secret Headquarters carries them, if you’re in the area.


On Your Marks #2: A SHORT RUN anthology – I’m pleased to see another edition of the SHORT RUN(Seattle’s premier comix fest) anthology series. This year we get a smaller edition(#1 was standard comic book size), and they added a nice silk screened cover, with an eclectic group of cartoonists contributing, including Suzette Smith, Drew Miller, Jamie Coe, Anna Saimalaa, Scott Longo, and Yumi Sakugawa. You can still order issue #1, too, on their online store.


**For the candy-canes & beanie baby, raid your mom’s purse.