TGIZineday! 1 Old and 1 New Zine by Lisa Hanawalt

I was sifting through some of my old zines, recently, and I came across a little zine with a plain-wrapped green cover called It’s Sexy when people Know your name by Lisa Hanawalt.  I believe I bought this in 2009-10 at SDCC. It’s hilarious with informative features like, “Top 8 Signs That You Are About To Have Your Period” and “the fashion sense of “Conscious Entrails”.  This little green zine exemplifies the humble beginnings of Lisa Hanawalt’s comedy/cartooning career, and shows how you can start off small by putting down a few original ideas, or funny thoughts in a handful of xeroxed zines, which could eventually lead to bigger things like having your work featured in a new animated series on NetFlix!

That little green zine is long out of print, but you can still buy her latest one, Save a Horse Ride a Hanawalt, here. 40 pages full of funny, new features like, corporate slogans re imagined, and Sexy Real Estate Brokers.



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