TGIZineday! Animal Sex by Isabella Rotman

Isabella Rotman may not be full “zoo”, but she is a very talented artist who likes to draw the wild kingdom in all of it’s fornicating glory!  Animal Sex is a new 76 page book collecting her 4 Animal Sex mini-comics and it’s available for purchase in her online shop here.  Interestingly, all research for this series was conducted in Isabella’s bed, which just goes to show how hands on she is.


I was lucky enough to receive some of those early Animal Sex comix from a friend who stumbled upon them while visiting a comics shop in the Chicago area.  Obviously, from the title, and art, they knew I’d appreciate such a bawdy little gem!  Another mini-comic I really enjoyed by her was called 20,000,000, an epic, well directed, tale of some sperm’s journey to it’s final destination.  I’m not sure if that zine is still available, or not, but she has a few newer ones for sale if you decide to explore beyond Animal Sex.


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