TGIZineday! The Best Way to Store Your Zines!

So, next Friday we’ll get back to actually talking about great zines, and the creators behind them, but this TGIZineday! I’m going to be self indulgent(which is so unlike me…), and show you how I like to store my zine collection! <drumroll……………>Boxes.  I know, how ingenious, right??  More specifically, LUNCH boxes!  Any lunch box will do, but as you can see below, I went with the highfalutin ACME Novelty Library, and Little Nemo in Slumberland variety.  Dark Horse still offers some lunch boxes on their website, but many are out of print.  I also use the standard cardboard shoe box when I run out of lunch box space, but that’s only in times of desperation.  So, if you are going to try out my lunch box technique just make sure that all old PBJ sandwich particles, and stray bologna shrapnel are removed first.




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