TGIZineday! The Elusive Zines of Lilli Carre

I think it was 2006 or 2007 APE, that I first discovered the work of Lilli Carre. She had just released her collection of comics through Top Shelf called Tales of Woodsman Pete, and she had an assortment of unique, handmade zines with her. They were so amazing, I bought all that she had!(..some of them are pictured below) One of my favorites was called “Through the Leaves” or something like that, and I liked it so much, I decided to give it to a friend, thinking that I could just find a replacement, later. Well, years later, and I’m still yet to find that replacement zine. I’m almost tempted to ask my friend if I could have it back, but I’ve yet to find the courage to do something so uncouth.



Today, Lilli Carre has established herself as a well respected book/print illustrator/designer, animator, and renowned fine artist. She occasionally makes special limited edition paper artifacts when she appears at shows like CAKE or SPX, but it’s very rare to ever see any of her zines/mini comics on the open market. So, I write this as a celebration of Lilli Carre’s zines, and as a plea to anyone out there who has an extra “Through the Leaves” zine up for sale, or any other Lilli Carre rarities, for that matter: PLEASE CONTACT ME!




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