zineSHOT! COOL DOG #1 by Miquela Davis

Smokey the Bear and McGruff beware, there’s a new PSA cartoon animal in town to help teach(terrorize) the children about the dangers(thrills) in life! COOL DOG is a hilarious new comic zine by cartoonist/animator Miquela Davis that reminds me a little of Toonces the Cat, with a splash of Spuds MacKenzie. COOL DOG never seems to lose his cool, whether he’s overdosing on crack or just finding himself engulfed in flames at the local gas station. I hope to see a lot more of COOL DOG in future comics and/or animation, assuming he has a few more lives to spare!


You can also find more comics-zines to check out at Miquela’s online shop here, including Grown Up Chuckie Finster and the ever handy Hipster Alphabet. I don’t see it listed on her shop, but you can ask her about the Palpatine Zine, which included a really funny pull-out about Darth Vader’s paternity test reveal on The Maury Povich show–good stuff!